This series is about one of the topics that currently moves me most. How can we find common ground and cohesion in a society defined by division of opinion, social bubbles and echo chambers, where respectful disagreement has become a thing of the past? How can we develop empathy and learn to put ourselves into the shoes of other people? What defines what we have in common and what separates us? And where is the tipping point?

For obvious reasons, I started to develop this series during the Covid-pandemic, and you will find some allusions to the time since 2020 in the paintings. Less regarding the pandemic itself, but more regarding investing in the stock market, stock trading charts and technical analysis of stocks, another topic that went viral during that time.

This is also when I had the occasion to discover the approach of start-investor Charlie Munger, stressing that to make the best investing decisions, you constantly and humbly need to challenge your assumptions and ask yourself whether you could be wrong.

The stoic reminder that we all have to die sounds grim at first glance.

Yet it is actually a welcome wake up call to enjoy life and not to waste your day on stuff that ultimately makes no one happy. To me at least, that's a reminder that I truly appreciate!

In "seriously pink" I explore clichés associated with colours and gender. Since neon pink is one of my favourite colours - also for clothes and accessories - this is a topic that I am directly concerned with.


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