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With a demanding fully-time job and a family, how can you possibly make room for art?

I can. That means you can, too. With a bit of pragmatism and discipline.
So how did it start? Since I was young, I have always loved to draw, paint and take pictures. Yet especially for painting, I only did it rarely, since with school, university, work, friends and family I did not often have the occasion to paint for hours and days in a row.
Then a couple of years ago I read "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. The author explains how small, but regular incremental steps compound and ultimately have a greater effect than occasional big efforts. I'm tempted to call the book an epiphany for my creative process, since it made me think "What if I developed an art routine that I could realistically squeeze in every day, and developed the habit of doing creative work every day?"
Since then I have been developing and working on my art routine.

Here are my key success factors:
• Eliminate friction
• Let go of perfectionism: The magic starts once you manage to throw your perfectionism over board, learn to embrace that you are not there yet, enjoy the process of your evolution, and allow yourself to take baby steps.
• Set boundaries
• Prioritise and say good-bye to things that on balance will make you less happy than your art.
• Learn to love and harness the power of mornings
• Start small
• Have a plan B
• Start again. And again. And again.

I did it for painting and photography. You can use this for any kind of enjoyable activity that you want to make room for in your day. If my story has inspired you to pursue your artistic journey or whatever makes you happy more regularly, please share your story with me!


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