If you know me, you know that I love animals. Since I also love photography, it was inevitable that I would someday start to take animal pictures. Here they are: a selection of over 10 years of occasional but devoted worldwide animal portraying.

It is through Japanese culture that I have learned to enjoy and actively seek the beauty of green leaves and plants. Midori is the Japanese word for greenery. Before coming across the concept of enjoying "midori", I was more interested in colourful flowers and blossoms. Then, in 2007, while travelling with Japanese colleagues in the UK, I noticed how they would take pictures of moss and other details that I had never paid attention to before. This has opened up an entirely new perspective to me on how to enjoy nature in every season.
This is a selection of "midori" pictures from various domestic and international trips.

If you have read about the origin of my fascination for greenery, you will not be surprised that I have made a special series about Japanese greenery. Most of these photos were taken in the various Japanese gardens which I have visited in the course of my trips to Japan.

This photo series is about enjoying life in a country that is shaken by crime and violence, and that is yet one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries that I have ever visited.
While crime, violence and death seem to be obviously missing in the pictures, these topics are still present if you know the background story of the photos.
(This is a first selection of photos. More will follow.)


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